Englishman's Concordance

Paul Mueller’s Englishman’s Concordance – LEVEL 3 Only!



This is a copy of Paul Mueller’s Englishman’s concordance with all of his personally study markings and links for every one of the 8673 words and their links to every Spiritual paradigm and mysteries of the Bible.

How incredible would it be to own a copy of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John or even Paul’s personal journals if such a thing existed. In a way we do have that.

The bible is a copy of the writings of these historic men of the bible but, the bible also talks of prophecy. Just as the First Testament prophesied of the coming of Yeshua, both the First and Second Testament prophesied of the end when Yeshua would come in a cloud of Glory. We are living this time now!

Just as the Second Testament was not available until after that time and the death of Yeshua, the writings of Paul Mueller were not available to you until a few years after they were written.

This book is not being sold as a copy of the Englishman’s Concordance; it is a copy of Paul Mueller’s personal handwritten notes on every single one of the 8673 words in the Englishman’s Concordance.

To get the most out of this treasure, I suggest you take the time (many months) to hand copy every note Paul made in his concordance, into your own Englishman’s Concordance. The depth of your wisdom will grow 100-fold and the Word will come to life like never before when you take up this challenge.


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