Paradigms Concordance- LEVEL 2 ONLY!



Paradigm Concordance of the 30-60-100 Word Values and Paradigms:

In Level 1 studies we have been using the Strong’s concordance and Englishman’s concordance to help us study and seek out the mysteries Yah hid in the Word and now you are ready for Level 2 and the VERY SPECIAL concordance written by Paul Mueller: The Paradigm Concordance of the 30-60-100 Word Values and Paradigms.

By now you know Paul was chosen as the one to reveal the keys to hidden mysteries and parables throughout the bible that Yeshua said was for Kings to seek out. Not only did Paul spend thousands of hours seeking and proving out the parables but, he had also assigned paradigm patterns to all 8673 words in the Strong’s concordance and Englishman’s concordance.

Until now you have not had the explanations for all of these paradigms. During Paul’s time of feeding and marking Yah’s anointed he was writing a concordance to support the paradigms he was seeing. This book was a massive undertaking that has resulted in us having the ability to confirm all that we have been studying to date.

This book is an invaluable tool to discovering an even deeper understanding of the Word and gives you the gift of being able to climb to the 100-fold wisdom we all seek.

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