The two women of revelation

Book 7 – The Two Women of Revelation – Level 2



Book 7 – Level 2 – The Two Women of Revelation

By now we should not be surprised at the TWO or pairs paradigm. There are two trees in the garden. Two types of sin. TWO parts to the 24 hour day. The first part is the Messiah as He resurrected at Midnight and the second part is the Messiah as He returns at noon. The Messiah is the 12th king. The first half = 12; the second half = 12; both parts = 24. Messiah gets a double portion of 24. 24 = 24 elders. Elders is not a quantity of rulers or kings, elders is a spiritual value of hierarchical achievement. After one achieves the hierarchical value of the 10 kings, one moves on to the 11th king who is the writer with the inkhorn who marks foreheads. The TWO ends or parts of the time spectrum are the Messianic half hours in the time, times, and

HALF time. There are TWO kingdom divisions: the 3rd and 4th upper kingdoms UK, and the 1st and 2nd lower kingdoms LK. In the upper ruling kingdom there are TWO rulers: the kings and priests. In the lower kingdom there are TWO PAIRS of two:

• The Jews and the Gentiles (both are 30-fold)

• The 60 and the 30 folds (both belong to the LK)

There are many TWO paradigms including the Two Women Of Revelation.

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