Book 8 – Seven Churches of Revelation – Level 2



Book 8 – Level 2 – Seven Churches of Revelation

The seven churches of Revelation have been written about and pontificated upon dogmatically by the religious institutions since the church was founded. The amount of wisdom locked up in the hidden spiritual paradigms of the seven churches is enormous and profound. It was a 60-fold Hebrew Roots teacher that once told us not to disparage the opinions of any other earlier author in regards to teaching the seven churches. Any opinion written on the subject matter of the seven churches over the past centuries has merit according to one HR teacher (I will not list his name here but it is in this book). Why would this leading iconoclast of the Hebrew Roots movement tell his constituents that any opinion written about the Seven Churches is a valid and worthy opinion? According to him, all opinions of Scriptures written by any person bears the mark of some measure of wisdom.

He makes this claim of opinions in a vacuum. He does not know the Spirit of the Word. The answer to our question is simple. First, if everyone’s opinion on the Seven Churches is valid, then he just self-validated his own opinion taught on the seven churches.

Second, and of most extreme importance, he cannot define or explain the Seven Churches according to the Spirit of the Word.

He does not know the OM of Elohim. The SOW is God’s opinion from His OM. He has a mind and intellect of his own and insists that we pay attention to it.

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