The False Prophets

Level 2 – Book 5 – False Prophets – FINISH BOOK 4 FIRST!



Book 5 – False Prophets – Level 2

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From our previous studies we know that the number TWO takes on a bevy of different paradigms. With regard to the prophets, we know that the Talent’s Parable taught us that TWO talents is the number that reflects the prophets of the first kingdom age, the 1KA. We also know that the number four represents the prophet of the 2KA, the MK. From past work, we know this to be the 1A and 2A paradigms respectively.

In the science lab, when the scientist researches a theory he doesn’t implement the theory into practice until he first experiments and applies the theory in the lab. The theory must test out in the lab before implementing it into a law. Finally, after exhausting all options and possibilities that would or could discredit the theory, the scientist steps from the lab and introduces the new data as a law of physics. The evidence is empirical and cannot be disproven or discredited at this point. It is a law of the physical universe. The physical universe was instituted and created by YHWH Elohim. YHWH created the law but the scientist just discovered it. These laws of physics are timeless, eternal, and apply to the horizontal world that surrounds us. We have learned over the years to apply the dynamics of these laws of physics to do such things as travel above the ground, in space, and below the earth.

The laws of physics are observed by the five senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. These laws that are observed by the five senses are what we use to get us through a day, a year, and a life.

By the exact same standard and measure of the natural laws, Yah has crafted the spiritual laws for the current 7 billion souls of the planet that walk the earth. The spiritual laws are from above; they come down from YHWH above. Even if the scientist doesn’t know or believe in God; the scientist is bound by these laws. The religionist is also bound by the laws from YHWH above, even if he doesn’t know or understand them.