Kingdom Seekers Club Membership


The Kingdom Seeker Club gives everyone at every level, access to Live Zoom study sessions that cover the courses in Levels 1 & 2 as well as exclusive access to in-depth private live study sessions with Candi and Ken to discover what they are seeking out.   Check out our Events Calendar page for the dates and times of the session according to your course level. Level 1 courses will only have access to Level 1 Zoom Meetings. Level 2 will have access to Level 1 and 2 Live Zoom Meetings and Level 3 will have access to all Levels of Zoom Meetings.   Your Zoom Meeting Access code will be accessible after you take the quiz on your first book in Levels 1 & 2. Your Zoom Meeting code for Level 3 will be accessible after you have passed that last quiz in Level 2. 
Number of courses 6
Course 3 – The Two Witnesses – Level 1 – MUST FINISH COURSE 2
Course 4 -The Four Beasts of Daniel – Level 1 – MUST FINISH COURSE 3 FIRST!
Course 5 – False Prophets – Level 2 – YOU MUST FINISH COURSE 4 FIRST!
Course 6 – Level 2 – Gog and Magog – YOU MUST FINISH COURSE 5 FIRST!
Course 7 – Level 2 – The Two Women of Revelation
Course 8 – Level 2 – Seven Churches of Revelation