Welcome To The Kingdom Seekers Club!

Kingdom Seekers

The Kingdom Seeker Club gives everyone at every level, access to live study sessions that cover the courses in Levels 1 & 2 as well as exclusive access to in-depth private live study sessions with Candi and Ken to discover what they are seeking out.

In Level 1 – The Kingdom Seekers review the concepts learned in each of the first 5 books. These concepts are new to everyone when they first start seeking. Having guidance to ensure you understand the basic concepts will help you to climb Jacob’s ladder faster and with more clarity.

In Level 2 – The Kingdom Seekers have a good grasp of the three main parables: the Sower parable, Virgins parable, and the Talents parable and now it is time to start using more tools to help you seek even more. The bible is permeated with hidden mysteries. Now that you have discovered the keys to unlock the Kingdom of Yahweh, and you have eyes to see and eyes to hear, it’s time to discover even more of the treasures we can build up for the Kingdom to come.

These live studies help you get familiar with using the additional tools and resources Candi and Ken use such as Paul’s Paradigm Concordance of the 30-60-100 Word Values as well as the online tools and the books listed in the free pdf download when you enter to receive our news and updates.

In Level 3 – The Kingdom Seers are free to join in on any of the live study sessions in Level 1 and 2 plus at this level you are ready to join the private study sessions of Candi and Ken. These study sessions are the 100-fold mastermind classes where only those who have gained significant wisdom from climbing Jacob’s ladder from 30-fold knowledge to 60-fold understanding and now you are ready for the 100-fold wisdom.

This is where Iron sharpens Iron.